Madalyn Suits and Nina Harris

The Suits Team

2021 Closed Unit Goal: 174 Units
Current Closed and Pended: 70 Units (as of April 2021)
YPP Member Since:
Madalyn Suits: Owner
Nina Harris: Team Partner
Size of Organization:
Sales People: 6
Support Staff: 3

Madalyn Suits (left)

Growing up outside St. Louis, Madalyn heard the rumblings of real estate deals being made. It came as no surprise to her family when she joined the “family business” and wound up helping open the first Atlanta Keller Williams Realty Office.

The phrase clients use to describe Madalyn is “on it.” She has a passion to make real estate dreams a reality for her clients. For Madalyn, clients become family and her goal is to help them grow their wealth, happiness, and to help their family, friends, and co-workers that are referred to her.

When she is not working with her clients, which is rare, she stays busy with her husband, Jeff, and their four kids Lindsey, Hunter, Mallory, and Abby.  At Casa Suits, you will find 1 large Goldendoodle, Holly, running around among their 3 cats. Madalyn loves to find time for bible studies, exercising, volunteering, a tennis match, or just mindless television.

Madalyn’s greatest compliments are a referral and a repeat client.

Nina Harris (right)

You would have to listen really closely to Nina talking to realize she’s from Aiken, South Carolina, as she hardly has a Southern drawl at all.

Always active and on her way to do something, you can catch her and husband Jason on the tennis courts, working out, or taxiing their children, Isaac and Emery, to and from sports. Nina has three other babies, Goldendoodles Murphy, Buddy, and Rosie (her four legged kids). She loves a new adventure, which includes looking at homes with clients. “It can’t be a job if I’m having this much fun,” she says.

Behind the beautiful smile is a tough negotiator. Perhaps that’s why her clients want her to be on their side. She also keeps her clients in check when their love of a home gets in the way of making a sound real estate decision.

Family means everything to Nina, her family values loyalty, honesty, compassion, and care. Those same sentiments that bind her family together tie her to her clients. As her clients will tell you, she treats them like family.

What have you learned about yourself or your business as a result of being part of YPP?

MS: How to better understand our numbers and be able to predict our business. How to grow our team members into roles that work for them.

NH: That mindset is everything. The way you look at things and the actions you take as a result of your thinking, have a direct impact on your success.

What is your favorite thing about being part of YPP?

MS: The support and constant push to better us in our business and as people.

NH: The ability of the coaches to deliver material that expands my thinking, my perspective, and my ability to take that information and impact others.

How do you define success?

MS: Success is referrals and compliments, plus respect from my family.

NH: Success is taking action, always doing your best, celebrating even the small wins, and being content with the outcome; having no regrets.

Who inspires you?

MS: My dad. He taught me to work hard, ask questions, and hold a high ethical and moral compass.

NH: Kate Patulski, Madalyn Suits, Gary Keller, James Clear.

What is one thing, industry related or not, that you learned in the last month?

MS: I need to be constantly learning and challenging myself. I have found that when I get caught up in the “busy,” I’m not a good version of myself.

NH: To watch what I tell myself because I will start believing it. For example, instead of saying, “This market is exhausting,” saying, “This market has many opportunities to be had.”

What is you favorite tip for someone in the industry?

MS: Follow a schedule.

NH: Chunk everything down, clarity is power. Take the big overwhelming goals and ideas and break them down so they seem attainable and create small wins that you can achieve.

Why do you believe people work with you over anyone else?

MS: We are honest, real, and we care about them.

NH: People know I am going to put their interests before my own. I am going to get it done no matter what I am working on.

What is the one habit that is most impactful for you?

MS: Working out every morning and having quiet time before I am allowed to pick up my phone.

NH: The 5 second rule. Don’t overthink it, just take action.

Best 100 or less purchase?

MS: The 5 Minute Journal and Dior lip oil.

NH: My New Good Rx Sunglasses.

What is the book you think everyone should read?

MS: The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse. It is a simple read about kindness to others, which is so timely now.

NH: Atomic Habits. You can read it, re-read it, and never hear it enough. It highlights that there are easy actions you can put into practice that over time will have a dramatic impact on your world.

What would you put on a billboard?

MS: “I am doing a great work and I can’t come down”, Nehemiah 6:3. At the end of the day I am doing whatever I do to honor God.

NH: Clarity is power.