Ten Questions To Elevate Your Client Experience and Increase Your Sales

By: Kate Patulski

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In any business that relies on the consumer to support its growth, it’s not unusual to have two distinct divisions; the sales side and the operations/servicing side of the business. The sales side is responsible for acquiring a client and the operations/servicing side is responsible for servicing the client.

While the past may have allowed these two divisions to work independently, the current market requires a more interdependent approach if you are going to retain a client and generate repeat and referral business. Team interdependency is the key to increasing sales and market share.

Interdependence is the dependence of two or more people or things on each other. Successful buying experiences and brand allegiance are a result of interdependent teams.

A great buying experience is no different than a great dining experience. I am sure you’ve had a meal out in the past where the service was amazing, but the food was lacking. Maybe you’ve had a time or two where the food was amazing, but the waitstaff was less than desirable, taking too long to take your order or check in to see if you needed anything. The service left you feeling less than enthusiastic about returning or recommending the restaurant to others.

Great dining experiences are great because everyone works together to create a predetermined experience for their patrons. Everyone pulls together to provide the experience and, as a result, the business grows and everyone within the business becomes a patriot of it.

Interdependency starts with an intention, which is the foundation of team alignment.

10 Powerful Questions To Align Your Team (And Increase Your Sales as a Byproduct)

One of the most valuable things you can do as a business owner or entrepreneur is to decide the experience you intend to create for the consumer. The answers to the following questions will serve as the foundation to build your business upon:

  1. What words do you want the consumer to use when they reference your business?
  2. What would your sales team provide that align with these words?
  3. What would your operations team provide that align with these words?
  4. What are the current pain points or issues the consumer experiences in a transaction? How could your team create more certainty for the consumer or ease their pain?
  5. How can you make doing business with your organization easy?
  6. What type of relationship are you building with the consumer?
  7. What is the intended lifespan between the consumer and your business?
  8. How can EVERYONE on the team support the building of that relationship?
  9. What systems could be put in place to support the future of the relationship?
  10. What can your client count on you/your organization for . . . How do they become better because they are in business with you?


Kate Patulski, CMC