Jeremy Cady

The Cady Team

2021 Closed Unit Goal: 60 Units
Current Closed and Pended: 28 Units, 19.6 million in volume (as of May 15, 2021)
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Sales People: 1
Support Staff: 1

Born in South Dakota and raised in Florida, Jeremy’s captivating enthusiasm for storytelling began during his youth. Transplanted to Atlanta in 2016, Jeremy is a certified luxury residential real estate agent. Often referred to as the Ryan Serhant of Georgia, Jeremy is the top-selling real estate agent in the North Metro Atlanta area and top 3% in Georgia. He has a passion for creating an optimal experience for every buyer and seller. Whether you’re looking to find your dream home or share the story of the place you’ve called home for years, Jeremy is an enthusiastic narrator and is eager to share your story. Creating a digital earthquake through social media in North Metro Georgia, Jeremy’s zeal for storytelling allows a seamless selling/buying experience.

Family, faith, and music were the mantras of Jeremy’s upbringing and as a father to four amazing children, he continues to share his devotion for life through various avenues. In his free time, you can find Jeremy running (literally) all around the country as his wanderlust for travel and running marathons offers opportunities to create amazing memories and viral video content. As a music fanatic, Jeremy also plays guitar and taught himself at an early age.

If you’re looking for a real estate agent who has a zest for life, connect with Jeremy.

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What was it like when you first moved to Atlanta?

When I moved to Atlanta in May 2016, I didn’t know anyone. I had to find people who were going to know me, support me, and trust me. I looked to get 2 meetings every day. I would meet with anyone; it didn’t matter who it was. I would sit down with my dry cleaner. Through these meetings, I ended up learning about my community.

One day I took my lender out. While I was out with him, I asked him to pull out his phone and I said “Connect me with your 5 most powerful people. Who do I need to know?” From that lunch, he connected me with someone else who I got into business with, who connected me to 3 more people.

What did you learn from this experience?

I learned that I have to stay engaged with my influencers. We have to get face to face and belly to belly with people.

When you first started looking for a coach, what were you looking for?

I was talking with one of my friends about life, and she said to me, “You need to talk to YPP.” At the time, I wasn’t just looking for a coach, I was looking for a spiritual mentor. My coaching isn’t just about business; it is about life, problems, etc…

I wanted someone who could help me understand how my brain works. Why do I do what I do? Why don’t I do certain things? I wanted more. I wanted clarity around the fact that I am not just my thoughts. I am a firm believer that when the student is ready, the teacher shows up. That’s exactly what happened.

What tangible results have you received since working with YPP?

After connecting with YPP, we are up 65% closed and pended from last year at the same time and are on track to double our volume. My coach has helped me create an organizational chart to give the team structure. Through YPP I was able to run assessments and make sure I am putting the right people in the right seats.

As a team, we have gained clarity around what we need to do as a business as opposed to treating it as a hobby. Our coach helps us focus on our three circles. Instead of focusing on our outcome, we focus on our identity. Before we do anything as a team we first connect to who we are, what we want, and how we want to be viewed in our marketplace. Every decision stems from that. We are in complete alignment and that is driving our success.

What is the greatest thing you’ve learned in the coaching relationship?

Back in January, Kate said to me, “Ok, I am hiring you to sell my million-dollar house. What words would describe what I’m looking for in an agent?”

Through this I found my identity words. She helped me see what my clients are looking for and she told me something I haven’t forgotten, “You as an agent will have to work harder than the average consumer is willing to.”

Looking back, I realize that I used to be so outcome-focused. I was always chasing the next thing. I thought I wanted all of these things and they would give me satisfaction and fulfillment, but then I realized I was looking at it backwards. Kate helped me see that I need to work on my inner circle, my identity. Everything is driven by that. How do I see myself? Who is my client? That vision drives every action, every decision, and every behavior. Success is a natural by-product of that.

If you had to give advice to others who are reading this, what advice would you give them?

For your own mental health, and for the deep satisfaction of your soul, go deep. Go deep with your friends, family, and your customers.

What do you believe sets you aside as a professional?

I am a super relationship-oriented person. I really want to connect with the people I work with. I talk with them about their dog, their cat, and even their fish. We have a personal connection. I will never forget that people buy and sell emotionally and support it with logic. I connect on an emotional level with everyone I work with.

I also hold myself accountable to doing more than the average consumer or the average agent. I ask myself, what if we didn’t have an MLS? What would I do? How do I take this property, its story, and get that out into my community?

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from YPP?

I am not just my thinking, my thoughts, or my habits.

How would you define success?

A couple of years ago, I would have said financial freedom. Combining what I’ve learned in coaching and where I am right now, success is peace.

Peace means being truly okay with who I am as a broker, an agent, a person. Leaning into the real me, the me that is full of love, compassion, kindness, and empathy instead of the ego side of me. Living in alignment with my values system.

What is your top tip for someone in the industry?

Build a deep meaningful connection with your smallest viable audience. I lean on Seth Godin’s advice, go deep with the people who know you and like you. Tell your story and everything else will follow.

What is the book you think everyone should read?

Stillness is the Key. I just finished this one and it really hit home. We live in a loud world. If you want to return to peace and calm energy for your whole life, read this book.