Repairing Relationships Utilizing SANGE

Our end goal as coaches is to allow our client to feel safe in the relationship. Sometimes this means we will need to recover from a conversation gone wrong. Utilize this model to help you get back into alignment with a client.

HVP Coaches Training #9

This call reviews the Unconventional Thinking Style and it's unique strengths and challenges.

HVP Coaches Training #8

In this training Kate reviews Self Direction in the inner world. 

HVP Coaches Training #7

Learn how clarity and attention impact the Role Awareness dimension

HVP Coaches Training #6

This call is focused on the Self Esteem Dimension in the Inner World. During this call we discuss different strategies depending on how our clients show up in Self Esteem.

HVP Coaches Training #5

The focus of this training call is the System Judgment dimension of the HVP. In this call you will learn how to work with more structured thinkers

HVP Coaches Training #4

HVP Coach Training focused on Practical Thinking

HVP Coaches Training Call #3

This call is focused on understanding the Empathy dimension on the report and how to use a clients strengths to create leverage for change.

HVP Coaches Training Call #2

This is the second training on the HVP. On this call we dive deeper into world thinking and how to read the first page of the HVP Report