Action Planning Worksheet

Download our free worksheet to create your own plan of action

So You Want To Build A Team

Are you thinking about building a team? Check in with our list below to determine if your business is stable enough to support an additional sales team member:

The Habit Stack Worksheet

Use this worksheet to help identify where you want to stack a new habit so that you can be more successful implementing your new habit.

Zoom Strategy Meeting Recording

Zoom Call Recording From March 24th

Making Habits Stick Webinar

During this SMART Webinar we will be digging into habits, and how to set yourself up so that you ingrain habits that support your goals, and break habits that are holding you back. 

Tax Deductions Checklist for Real Estate Agents

Download this checklist from Inman about Tax Deductions

2020 Scoreboard

Download our 2020 scoreboard to use with your team and identify where they are with their yearly and quarterly goals.

Using a GPS and 4-1-1 to Achieve Your Goals

Download these templates to help you create a plan to achieve your goals.

KDNA RE Tracking Definitions and Video

Learn the definitions for all of your lead and lag measures in your KDNA tracker and watch the video to set up your goals

Time and Priorities Tool

Use this to establish and maintain leadership practices that enable you to identify the priorities that move the your business forward and manage time more effectively.