Making The Leap From Having A Job To Running A Business: An Interview with Chad Lariscy

Chad Lariscy is someone who was able to move from doing 80% of the transactions for his team to being completely out of production and tracking for over 240 units. In this interview Chad talks about the changes he made that allowed him to make this huge shift in less than 1 year.

From Powerless to Powerful: An Interview with Anna Kilinski

Kate Patulski interviews Anna Kilinski of the Anna K In Town Team in Atlanta. In this candid interview, Anna talks about how she leads herself and her team during uncertain times. The two get real about what is happening right now in the market and how to give value to others and identify the opportunity at any time.

Making Habits Stick Webinar

During this SMART Webinar we will be digging into habits, and how to set yourself up so that you ingrain habits that support your goals, and break habits that are holding you back. 

The Science of Happiness

Did you know that happiness is a precursor to success and higher performance? In fact, research overwhelmingly shows that happiness leads to success in nearly every domain in our lives, including marriage, health, friendship, creativity, and our careers. During this call we will focus on how happiness and optimism can fuel your performance in every area of your life.

Uncovering The Secrets To Motivation

Have you ever struggled to motivate yourself on a daily basis?

Your Inner World of Money

In this webinar, we explore the “Inner World of Money” and how your inner world programming influences how you earn it, use it, keep it, and give it.

Your Success Contract

If you have ever found yourself taking one step forward to take two steps back, it is very likely you hold some unconscious beliefs that prevent you from fully experiencing the success you desire.

An Interview with Walt Patulski

Walt was an All-American Football player at Notre Dame and the NFL’s #1 overall draft pick whose professional football career spanned a period of six years. After his career in the NFL, Walt enjoyed a thriving career in the financial sales services industry for four decades before recently retiring.