Care Call Recordings

Check out this post to hear recordings from Care Calls that are focused on helping clients see new possibilities

Pre-Foreclosure Script

Download our Pre-Foreclosure Script

Real Estate Database FB Group Script

Starting a facebook group can add immense value to your database and leads to an increased sense of attachment for those in the group. Download the pdf to learn more about why this matters and get a script you can utilize as you talk with your past clients and centers of influence.

Real Estate Objection Handlers In Times of A Changing Market

Scripts to help you as you work with buyers and sellers in a changing/shifting market.

Real Estate Objection Handlers

Download our scripts for how to handle common objections in real estate, and learn how to build your own.

Listing Presentation

Download our listing presentation script

Circle Prospecting/Just Sold Script

Download our script to use when circle prospecting

Expired Listing Script

A script for calling expired/cancelled listings

Pre-Qualifying Script

A script for pre-qualifying the listing. Pre-qualifying is best done following setting the appointment.

Buyer Consultation Questionnaire

Utilize this Questionnaire to gain more clarity and become more effective with your buyers.