Sustained Success: Reinventing Yourself To Leave A Legacy An Interview with Dr. Mark Sweeney

This SMART Webinar is an interview with Dr. Mark Sweeney. Dr. Sweeney has been a leading-edge dentist in Austin for 42 years. His innovative ideas and experience early in his career eventually led him to view his dental practice as a patient spa experience with exceptional dental services, rather than a routine experience to maintain dental hygiene.

The Path of a CEO: Earning the Right to Lead An Interview with Jenny Hocker

This SMART Webinar is an interview with Jenny Hocker. Jenny started her career in real estate as a part-time errand runner. 20 years later, after performing every role within the organization, Jenny is the sole-owner and CEO of The Doris Carlin Team at Keller Williams Realty of Southwest Missouri. In 2020 this small but mighty team, closed over 200 transactions and exceeded their goal for the first time in the history of The Doris Carlin Team.

Growth Through Talent Acquisition: An Interview with Katie Benson

This SMART Webinar is an interview with Katie Benson. As Chief Growth Officer for Place, Inc., she uses her passion and experience to focus on her strategy to attract and develop talent to allow her organization to grow.

Business Planning Forms for Real Estate Agents

Our most up to date business planning forms. This is where you will find the 2021 Goals and Income Form

Maximizing Your Database To Yield A Higher Return

When you watch our SMART webinar you will learn best practices and how to layer communication to yield a higher return from your database. 

Making The Leap From Having A Job To Running A Business: An Interview with Chad Lariscy

Chad Lariscy is someone who was able to move from doing 80% of the transactions for his team to being completely out of production and tracking for over 240 units. In this interview Chad talks about the changes he made that allowed him to make this huge shift in less than 1 year.

Mastering Leverage: An Interview with Jessica Ozuna

In this interview Jessica talks about the systems she has set up for her team that allows her to close 75+ deals a year while working 30-40 hours a week. This interview dives deep on her processes around working with buyers and utilizing a showing agent.

Action Planning Worksheet

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So You Want To Build A Team

Are you thinking about building a team? Check in with our list below to determine if your business is stable enough to support an additional sales team member:

The Habit Stack Worksheet

Use this worksheet to help identify where you want to stack a new habit so that you can be more successful implementing your new habit.