Repairing Relationships Utilizing SANGE

Our end goal as coaches is to allow our client to feel safe in the relationship. Sometimes this means we will need to recover from a conversation gone wrong. Utilize this model to help you get back into alignment with a client.

HVP Coaches Training #9

This call reviews the Unconventional Thinking Style and it's unique strengths and challenges.

Business Planning Forms for Real Estate Agents

Our most up to date business planning forms. This is where you will find the 2021 Goals and Income Form

Maximizing Your Database To Yield A Higher Return

When you watch our SMART webinar you will learn best practices and how to layer communication to yield a higher return from your database. 

HVP Coaches Training #8

In this training Kate reviews Self Direction in the inner world. 

Making The Leap From Having A Job To Running A Business: An Interview with Chad Lariscy

Chad Lariscy is someone who was able to move from doing 80% of the transactions for his team to being completely out of production and tracking for over 240 units. In this interview Chad talks about the changes he made that allowed him to make this huge shift in less than 1 year.

HVP Coaches Training #7

Learn how clarity and attention impact the Role Awareness dimension

HVP Coaches Training #6

This call is focused on the Self Esteem Dimension in the Inner World. During this call we discuss different strategies depending on how our clients show up in Self Esteem.

Mastering Leverage: An Interview with Jessica Ozuna

In this interview Jessica talks about the systems she has set up for her team that allows her to close 75+ deals a year while working 30-40 hours a week. This interview dives deep on her processes around working with buyers and utilizing a showing agent.

HVP Coaches Training #5

The focus of this training call is the System Judgment dimension of the HVP. In this call you will learn how to work with more structured thinkers