Melanie Hunt

Meet Melanie Hunt! Melanie not only runs an incredible real estate team, she is also heavily involved in investments. Join us as Melanie discusses the pathway to success in her career. She shares how to overcome burnout, identify what is most important, and succeed in this changing market.

Tara Winslow

Meet Tara Winslow! Tara is an incredible agent who left a successful corporate position to jump into Real Estate. In this interview, she shares her perspective on achieving success and staying focused on your own path by betting on yourself.

David Williams

Meet David Williams! David is a stellar agent for the Fetick team with Keller-Williams. In this interview, David shares how he has adapted to the changes in the current market to position buyers and sellers to win in this market.

Laine Baer

Meet Laine Baer! Laine is the Operations Manager for the Anna K Intown team. In this interview, Laine shares how she supports the team in maintaining the team culture, encouraging team productivity, and supporting the agent's productivity.

Courtney Newton

Meet Courtney Newton! Courtney is a mega agent, broker, and entrepreneur in Atlanta, GA. Don't miss our interview with Courtney's insights on how to build wealth through real estate. Courtney also shares her perspective on the market and strategies to capitalize on your database.

Kenya Green

Meet Kenya Green! Kenya is an agent and CEO of KG Realty in Atlanta, Georgia. Check out our interview to learn more about Kenya's dedication to lead generation and her tips on increasing your price point.

Amy Osterbeck

Meet Amy Osterbeck! Amy is a top leader in the real estate industry and our newest YPP coach. Check out our interview to learn more about Amy's background, her commitment to mastery, and her deep desire to make an impact in the lives of others.

Michael and Leigh Schiff

Meet Leigh and Michael Schiff, the owners and team leaders of the Schiff Realty Team in Atlanta, GA. Check out our interview for their advice on working through a team breakdown and how to come out the other side with the clarity and alignment needed to thrive.

KodiKay Cain

KodiKay Cain is the Director of Sales for Cain Realty Group in Austin, Texas. In this interview, KodiKay shares her tips on setting standards and expectations that people rise to as well as how to create a culture that aligns with your goals and vision.

Jessica Ozuna

Jessica Ozuna is the team leader of Boise Guru in Boise, Idaho. In this interview, Jessica details her pursuit of mastery, her experience transitioning to a leader, and how she leverages and supports her team in their pursuit of success.