Are You At Risk?

In order to retain talent, you must understand value drift and its impact on your organization. Here are 3 ways to prevent Value Drift.

Stop Making This Expensive Mistake!

The amount of time spent seconding guessing or hesitating is one of the most costly behaviors in any business, especially if you are in sales. In our experience, salespeople that hesitate to generate and follow-up with leads lose about 15 opportunities each month, which could amount to well over $15,000 monthly! That’s $180,000 a year! What’s more costly, however, is allowing hesitation to become a habitual way of operating in your business.

5 Crucial Mistakes Made When Business Planning (And What You Can Do About Them)

We continually see entrepreneurs build out an elaborate plan, and by March they can’t remember where they put it. Everyone agrees that business planning is an essential part of building a business, and yet very few people do it effectively. After years of experience working with business people at all levels, we’ve realized there are 5 critical mistakes that will stop you from having an effective business plan.