Stop Making This Expensive Mistake!

In March of 2020, the world as we know it, changed.

5 Crucial Mistakes Made When Business Planning (And What You Can Do About Them)

We continually see entrepreneurs build out an elaborate plan, and by March they can’t remember where they put it. Everyone agrees that business planning is an essential part of building a business, and yet very few people do it effectively. After years of experience working with business people at all levels, we’ve realized there are 5 critical mistakes that will stop you from having an effective business plan.

Adopting A Growth Mindset

In our world of never-ending change, adopting a growth-mindset is imperative to one’s relevance in business.  Professionals that work from a fixed mindset will be continually frustrated lacking the grit to push through challenges due to change and, eventually, find themselves with a skillset that is obsolete in a competitive environment.  The world we live in requires those who intend to have a competitive advantage adopt a growth mindset.
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Why Are We All Looking For MORE?

After decades of coaching and working with individuals, there is one common thread we see in clients. There is a desire to, “do more, achieve more, feel more, experience more, have more . . .”