Burnout Assessment

It’s not unusual that you’ve occasionally felt disenchanted with your work. Maybe you lead a team and are feeling like the team is just not as engaged as they could be. How do you know the difference between burnout and boredom?

As coaches, we see it all too often. People have lost their energy, excitement, and enjoyment around their work. In fact, a recent Gallup study shows that 23% of people feel burned out at work very often or always, while an additional 44% of people feel burned out sometimes. We know that this leads to decreased productivity, lowered morale, and poor health.

If you look around, how many people in your organization are burned out? Do you feel frustration or a lack of satisfaction in your career? Are you wondering if you are burned out, or just simply bored?

Burnout and boredom are two separate issues. Burnout impacts performance at every level. Understanding where you, or your team, are in relationship to burnout is the first step to making changes that can significantly improve morale and performance.

Download our free assessment and see where you rank on our burnout scale. If you are a leader, utilize this with your team members. You will notice there are distinct things that lead to, “burn out.” As NeuroPerformance Coaches we have found that creating awareness around what is driving your burnout (or your team’s burnout) creates options and/or solutions allowing you to bring personal power back in your life.