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A Subtle Trap: Are You Playing to Win or Playing Not to Lose?

Have you ever wondered why some people catch more breaks and opportunities than others and why they succeed? You could think they aren’t even that smart or talented to warrant the success they have. This short article will discuss two approaches that provide the answer, both backed by science. One approach fuels the breaks and opportunities that result in success, while the other has the opposite effect and leads to discouragement and disappointment.

Master Your Self Control

Did you know that mental fatigue, mood, and emotions can short-circuit your ability to demonstrate self-control and be a finisher? Besides impacting your sense of accomplishment, a lack of self-control can erode your health, relationships, finances, and career. Can you afford that cost? The good news is you don’t need to when you follow these simple tips.

Eliminating Time Bandits to Increase Productivity

Do you know what the biggest time drains are on your productivity, why they occur, and ways to manage or destroy them? How you use your time is one of the most efficient ways to propel your career or buy back your freedom.