Entries by Kate Patulski, CMC

Improving Your Results Through Effective Communication

Your ability to effectively communicate with your clients and within your organization will determine your success in this changing market. To increase your effectiveness with others, check out these tips and conversational tools from Master Coach Kate Patulski!

Feeling More Certainty in Uncertain Times

Uncertainty is a fact of life, but how you handle uncertainty is up to you. In this blog, Kate Patulski outlines simple strategies that you can incorporate into your life to create certainty in your life and continue to empower yourself and those around you.

Three Powerful Steps to Creating Fulfillment

Many people desire to experience more fulfillment in their life, but struggle to identify how to do so. In this blog, Kate Patulski guides you through her tips to create and increase fulfillment in your life.

Is Your Leadership Style the Problem?

As a leader, do you find yourself constantly jumping in to solve problems? Do you feel as if everyone is constantly looking to you for direction? Consider the possibility that changing your leadership style could transform your team and their results.

Are You At Risk?

In order to retain talent, you must understand value drift and its impact on your organization. Here are 3 ways to prevent Value Drift.

Stop Making This Expensive Mistake!

The amount of time spent seconding guessing or hesitating is one of the most costly behaviors in any business, especially if you are in sales. In our experience, salespeople that hesitate to generate and follow-up with leads lose about 15 opportunities each month, which could amount to well over $15,000 monthly!

Adopting A Growth Mindset

In our world of never-ending change, adopting a growth-mindset is imperative to one’s relevance in business.  Professionals that work from a fixed mindset will be continually frustrated lacking the grit to push through challenges due to change and, eventually, find themselves with a skillset that is obsolete in a competitive environment.

Why Are We All Looking For MORE?

After decades of coaching and working with individuals, there is one common thread we see in clients. There is a desire to, “do more, achieve more, feel more, experience more, have more . . .”