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Transform your career, your organization, your world.

One on one coaching with Your Performance People is designed to help you understand the fundamentals of your strengths, and the opportunities for success that lie before you. Our approach is extensive, detailed, and thorough. We work with teams and individuals to bring out their brilliance.


Customized Programs

Face-to-face sessions to eliminate uncertainty and create clarity.

The development experts at Your Performance People will come to you anywhere in the world. Together we will identify clear goals, align minds, build plans, and strategize to reach individual and organizational success.

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90 Day TurnAround

A specially designed program created to dig deep and allow you to transform an area of your life.

This program was developed by two of our founders, Ron Patulski and Cortney Morris, when our coaching team discovered a critical need for this specific work with goal-driven, committed people. During this program, you choose an area of your life and work with a highly trained coach to change lifelong patterns into more resourceful ways of thinking and behaving. To learn more about this program, sign up for a consult below.

Online Development Classes

Gain the confidence to succeed as a businessperson, and an individual.

From skyrocketing sales results, to mastering behavior, to building influence, our collective learning programs are offered online for maximum convenience and value. These are real-time classes that work in conjunction with online communities and private social media groups.

Pioneers in Leadership Development

The experts at Your Performance People are exactly that: experts. With decades of experience, and recognition from world leaders in both business and neuroscience, our team are leaders in NeuroPerformance Coaching. We are at the forefront of the latest research and methodologies. Our coaches partner with other industry experts through participation in yearly programs at Ivy League institutions and have helped thousands of business leaders just like you.

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It’s easy to get frustrated. It can be lonely as a leader in your industry. We understand. That’s why we do what we do, and it’s why we make the process simple and inviting.

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Someone once told me, if you had a coach, you could afford one. This is true, but not just any coach. I’ve had a half dozen coaches over my 12+ years of businesses, and YPP will be my last stop for coaching. This has been an investment, not an expense for our business. YPP takes a unique approach with the understanding if you can master your mind, you can change your life. You are not your programming. YPP strategically repositions your “programming” to support you in being a business owner, leader and sales professional. Our GCI has grown from $800K to $2.2MM and growing since partnering with YPP. Seems like a no brainer to me.

Since making the move to YPP, I have seen a significant difference in myself and my team. The coaching has and continues to transform my mindset as a leader and now more than ever I am believing in myself in this role. More importantly, those that I am wanting to succeed through are seeing a positive change as well. As a result, the culture within our team has greatly improved, and with that our production is steadily increasing. I am so grateful for all that my coaching with YPP has done for me in such a short period of time. Great People. Great Coaching. Great Results!

When you are truly serious about your goals and vision for your life is when Your Performance People and Kate will cause you to have the greatest impact. I can’t say enough the ways that the coaching and accountability have shown up in my world. I look at coaching as a necessary part of having a big life. For me knowing that every time I have a call I am going to see changes through the work, mindset changes and documentation of processes that my future self will thank me for. We are all guilty of having ideas that aren’t implemented or maintaining the status quo when you hire a coach at the level of YPP and Kate you will see your world grow and evolve. I owe much of the work life balance I have achieved to YPP and my coach.

I’ve been extremely fortunate to work with the YPP team going through the process of uncovering a number of items that have been impacting me internally that in turn impact how I show up in the world.  The shift in consciousness, vibrational energy, processing information both intellectually and emotionally has forever changed the course of my business, personal interactions and the direction of my life as a whole.  If you’re willing to dig deep into neuro-linguistics, brain-based behavior and unpack what’s within you alongside the YPP team then your future is truly limitless.  I’m forever grateful for their impact on my life and the lives of those around me because of this work. I’m a better businessman & person for having worked with YPP.

Art of influence has been by far the most helpful class I have attended in my career. Kate and her team had done a phenomenal job by providing a very well paced course which is highly engaging because of hands on experience. It has opened my awareness to unspoken communication that occurs while we are talking to our clients. My work has become more enjoyable because now I am getting better understanding of others model of the world. I highly recommend this class!!!

Are you lost in your career?
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Your Performance People believes that we all possess the potential for greatness, and that there are proven ways to unlock that potential. We offer a vast range of development paths, from team and business-wide options, to individual coaching, and more.

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About us

Your Performance People is a talent development company coaching, training, and developing individuals and teams to learn more intentionally and influence more effectively.

With decades of experience in NeuroPerformance Coaching, our team is made up of trailblazers in the industry. Our passion lies in helping all human beings realize their brilliance as they transform their businesses and their lives.

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